2 Day REC Advanced First Aid Course in Leek, Staffordshire

Advanced Overseas Expedition Course

From Scotland to Devon, Portsmouth to Penrith, Expedition Leaders, military personnel, and first aid instructors travelled all the way to Leek to take part in a two-day REC ADVANCED 1st aid course.

Day 1

Day 1 started at Leek 5th Scout Hut with a quiz covering all the general first aid medical conditions.  Discussions were had with regard to appropriate medication, including the use of adrenaline and anti-histamines for anaphylaxis GTN spray, aspirin for heart attacks , inhalers for asthma, buccal midazolam for epilepsy, glucose and glucagon for hypoglycaemia

We then covered choking and CPR. CPR was practised on 7 different sizes and shapes of dummies, from babies and children to bariatric dummies of different sexes. Then, each person was given their own manikin to practice both pushing and breathing.

Following a demonstration of 3 different types of defibrillator machines, the candidates had the chance to practice on 4 more different types.

Lunch was  a chip shop meal for everyone. 

After lunch, casualty evaluation was followed by safe airway position and a discussion of how to care for spinal injuries.

We then practised dealing with bleeding using fake heads, arms, and legs. We also practised the use of tourniquets and haemostats. We completed day 1 with Splinting, using SAM splints for twisted ankles and broken wrists and arms. Candidates then had the chance to practise with SAM and T-POD pelvic binders.

The evening was spent at a local pub for dinner where candidates undertook the homework task before retiring to Leek Camping Barns for the night.

Day 2

Day 2 started at 9 am where the group undertook some more splinting for broken femurs.  Then reflection on the homework task began covering subjects including snakebite, jellyfish stings, malaria, dengue, schistosomiasis, diarrhoea, Acute Mountain Sickness, High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema, High Altitude Cerebral Oedema and medications

After a lunch of pizza, chips, chicken and apple strudel the group then were immersed in practical scenarios for the afternoon to put all of the learning into practice.  Scenarios included a car crash, amputations, open chest wounds, falls from height, epilepsy and hypothermia and hypoglycaemia

Feedback from the candidates is detailed below:

  • ” Second time I have travelled all the way from Devon to do this course with Allan excellent course and loved all the online resources “
  • ” The best first aid course I have ever been on. “
  • ” Great content, building on prior knowledge and a great collection of people “
  • ” Excellent course, insightful and enjoyable ” 
  • ” Excellent as always Thank you for a very interesting course “
  • ” Excellent course really enjoyed it “


The course is designed for outdoor instructors and those who work or play in the outdoors as well as those who travel further afield and lead overseas expeditions

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