Emergency First Aid at Work Courses in Southport

Do you or your organisation need Emergency First Aid at Work courses in Southport? With years of experience in the field of First Aid, Allan Shaw’s Experience First Aid Courses in Southport are educational, fun and engaging, with fantastic reviews!

Does my workplace need Emergency First Aid Training?

Under the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations of 1981, every employer has legal obligations. This is required to ensure that adequate and appropriate first aid provisions are available in the workplace. This mandate extends to all work environments. This includes both small enterprises and self-employed individuals.

The definition of “adequate and appropriate” first aid can vary depending on specific workplace conditions. Several factors need to be considered. Employers are advised to conduct a thorough first-aid needs assessment. Then they should determine the necessary provisions to keep their workplace safe and compliant. Our courses train and certify you to meet these requirements. They enable you to provide swift and effective first-aid response at your workplace.

What does an Emergency First Aid at Work course teach you

Our emergency first aid courses aim to teach you everything that is required by Health & Safety law. The candidate will be proficient at managing and providing first aid assistance if an emergency at work were to arise.

Who is this course for?

This course aims to teach low-risk businesses and organisations essential emergency first aid. If you work in a high-risk environment, such as in a garage or building site then the 3-day HSE First Aid at Work course will be more appropriate as it covers more extreme casualties. If you work outdoors, for example, a tree surgeon where the risk of fall or severe bleeding is possible, then an outdoor first aid course may be more suitable. The outdoor courses include heavy bleeds and treating hypothermia.

Course Highlights

  1. Understanding Key Body Functions
    In this course, you will explore the basics of human physiology, focusing on vital systems like the heart, lungs, and airway. This foundational knowledge is crucial for effective emergency response.

  2. Recognizing Health States
    This course equips you with the skills to distinguish between healthy, ill, and injured states, enhancing your ability to provide timely and appropriate aid.

  3. Vital Signs Monitoring
    Master the art of measuring and recording vital signs, an essential component of our Emergency First Aid at Work courses, which supports accurate assessment of a casualty’s condition.

  4. Structured Incident Management
    Learn systematic techniques to manage emergencies safely and efficiently, ensuring a controlled response to any situation.

  5. Compliance with Extensive Syllabus
    Our courses in Southport covers the HSE syllabus, adhering to regulations and guidelines. These guidelines are crucial for Emergency First Aid at Work certification.

Dynamic and Practical Training Experience

Our first aid training, recognized under the REC scheme (Rescue Emergency Care), is interactive and progressive. This ensures that learning is both educational and engaging. Over a single day spanning 6 hours, Allan will introduce new real world scenarios for each topic. These scenarios challenge and reinforce the techniques learned. Doing this ensures the candidates are both confident and competent in their first aid skills.

Certification and Skills Enhancement

Upon completion of the course, candidates will:

  • Role Clarity and Infection Prevention: Understand the crucial roles and responsibilities that include preventing cross-infection, recording incidents, and using equipment effectively, all central to Emergency First Aid at Work.

  • Emergency Handling: Gain proficiency in assessing and managing emergencies with a focus on safety and efficiency, skills taught extensively in our Emergency First Aid at Work courses in Southport.

  • Life-Saving Procedures: Perform essential first aid, manage seizures, and execute CPR, fundamental skills taught in our First Aid at Work courses.

  • Comprehensive Care Techniques: Learn to handle choking, treat wounds, control bleeding, and manage minor injuries, all part of the curriculum in our Emergency First Aid at Work courses in Southport.

  • AED Proficiency: Receive practical training on using automated external defibrillators, a vital part of the Emergency First Aid at Work curriculum.

Participants receive a certification valid for three years. This adheres to HSE regulations, certifying them as qualified emergency first aiders. This is an essential accreditation offered by our Emergency First Aid at Work courses in Southport. This certificate ensures that participants are well-equipped to handle first aid emergencies effectively and confidently.

Further Training

If you wish to expand your knowledge, Allan also teaches a 3-day HSE First Aid at Work course and also provides 12 hour refresher courses.

Allan's first aid courses are brilliant. He uses a blend of real life experience, great content and focuses on the practical element of the course. His resources are exceptional, dummies, heads, arms etc - this means you get to practice the different methods of treatment in as close to real life simulation as possible. The scenarios that Allan creates are well thought out and realistic. He allows for you to react and respond. Then has a detailed summary that makes you think about what you have learned. Easily the best first aid courses in the industry.
Mark Heighton
Google Review

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