Testimonials for Allan Shaw - Experience First Aid Courses

Great course yet again Allan delivered to meet our staff’s needs


Dawn Holden

YHA England

I have done over 15 outdoor first aid courses over the years since the 1980s, this was by far the best resourced superb range of equipment, fake injuries, defibs, dummies etc , excellent delivery and great use of personal stories and experiences highly recommended.


Thank you so much for delivering another fantastic course


The best first aid course I have ever attended


Deputy Chief Constable

Lancashire Police

Fantastic course, learnt lots now the team are ready for Madagascar


Final day of the REC course with realistic training scenarios testing all the group on skills & drills. I’ve completed a lot of first aid courses over the years but this is one of the most professionally ran by a bloke who walks the walk.

Major Sip Powers

Allan has led expeditions involving both adults and children all over the planet and is a leading light in both the development and delivery of Rescue and Emergency Care (REC) first aid courses in the UK, with his unique no nonsense practical delivery methods


Excellent course very entertaining


Nicola Taylor

University of Derby

Thanks Allan another excellent course. Your very realistic scenarios brought all the learning into context.

I’m not sure many come away from a first aid course and say that was

 an awesome two days, well you do from Allan’s courses

Excellent First Aid course this week with Allan Shaw, probably the best I’ve attended.  Delivered in such a good way with lots of practice in various situations. If you’re looking for First Aid check out Allan Shaw First

This was an excellent first day course. With over 20 years of professional work in the outdoor sector, you could say I’m a veteran of first aid courses and this one really stood out. It had a heavy emphasis on the simple and practical, rather than the complicated and theoretical, combined with plenty of opportunity for varied practice in imaginative scenarios making it fun to learn.I’ve never done a course before with 10 different types of CPR dummies, 12 different types of AED defibrillators and a huge aray of EPI pens and inhalers so you can get all round hands on experience.

The props of blood, vomit, wounds, amputations and smoke made everything more interesting and engaging. The real life experiences of the trainer and cut to the chase teaching made me want to come back and do more advanced training courses.

Keep this trainer he is brilliant, a fabulous standard of teaching. Excellent and informative learnt lots of new things. Best BSL I have ever attended. You exceeded my expectations. Clearly very knowledgeable with diverse experience, it was well-paced and engaging.


Couldn’t have asked for a better or more informative weekend. I learned so much and made some amazing friends on the two day journey. I would highly recommend Allan if you wish to take your First Aid skills to another level.

It was enriching, educational, spellbinding and most of all good fun!

Robyn Cooke

Leam & Avon SUP

Thank you to Allan Shaw for providing first aid training for the Sheaf and Porter River Trust’s River Rangers, Clean up organisers and Megatron Tour Guides.

We would highly recommend Allan and the 2 day first aid course he provided.


Having had to unfortunately attend a mandatory training session with a well known national company, all I can say is we are lucky to have people like Allan who provide this sort of training

I realised the First Aid course wasn’t going to be quite what I was expecting when I caught sight of our instructor, Allan Shaw, dragging a car boot full of “bodies”, dressed in various outdoor kit, in through the front door of the hut. The “gang” were shoved into half the drying room, to await CPR training later…

I was nervous that I’d never done any sort of real first aid course before, and that most of the other club members there had – but Allan assured me that this wasn’t going to be a problem.

Things began fairly gently, with cards of first aid questions to match up with answers and to discuss. We started to realise and to appreciate how many years of outdoor experience Allan had, and how knowledgeable and passionate he was about first aid. Every scenario or condition we discussed was brought to life by Allan’s real life examples, mostly from his own experiences.

We soon found ourselves merrily passing around “dud” epi pens to 

have a go at jabbing them against each other’s legs, and grappling 

with bandages and terrible wounds on mannequin heads and pink foam limbs. We were even able to try the famous “Heimlich 

manoeuvre” on someone choking – with the help of strap on vests to mimic a human windpipe with an obstruction in it.

I thought it was great that the course had so much practical content. I felt this, combined with Allan’s many colourful real life 

anecdotes, made everything much more likely to stick in our brains.

We discussed dressings and what to put in your first aid kit. (If you’re strapped for cash, try wrapping gaffer tape around a screw top bottle filled with sanitary towels and tampons!) We discussed 

“catastrophic bleeds”, and tried out lots of different tourniquets. We 

learned about recognising and treating hypothermia in the mountains, and how to make a human burrito! In fact, having seen foil blankets as useless for years, over those 2 days I discovered 2 very good uses for them.

Outside the hut, we frequently assessed each other as unconscious 

casualties, to drill in that particular skill, and we learned easy ways to get someone into the recovery position. We also did CPR on the many different dummy “gang” members, and learned to use a wide variety of defibrillators.

On day 2, things got even more “real”, with Allan setting up realistic accident scenarios – complete with gory “props”. Doug’s acting skills (as a machete victim with his guts hanging out), came a close 

second to Chris’ performance as the drunken friend of an unconscious Tom!

To be honest, the huge amount of information Allan passed on to us during the weekend left my mind spinning, but I now feel inspired to want to read more from the booklets and links he left us with. The most important nugget of information I came home with after the course was not to be scared of doing my best and “having a go” as a first aider if someone’s life is at risk and no one with better medical knowledge is available to help .All in all, I felt I learned a huge amount from the course, and I highly recommend it to other club members if another one is arranged for us

Thank god there are first aid providers out there who provide proper training under a reasonable amount of stress, allowing the student a good chance to use it in an emergency.

Melinda Kinsman