Advanced First Aid Course Details

A two-day first aid course (16 hours). The advanced first aid course is designed to introduce a systematic way of advanced first aid for managing casualties. Topic learning and practicals intermixed with scenarios of real situations. The course includes:

The Content

First aid training with the REC scheme is easy and fun. The course is progressive by building on each session, introducing new scenarios to test all techniques for:

BLS: basic life support • vital signs • blood pressure • Glasgow coma scale

ALS: advanced life support • airways • shock 

INJURY: head • spine • chest • abdomen • pelvis • bones • soft tissue • eye

RESCUE: triage • rescue • co-ordination • casualty management • cpr, 

TROPICAL ILLNESS: Schistosomiasis, Malaria, Dengue, Snakebite, Jellyfish Stings

ALTITUDE ILLNESSES: AMS, High Altitude Pulmonary & Cerebral Oedema Medications

The Assessment

Advanced first aid is assessed by observation of practical skills throughout the course and written assignments

The Candidates

All candidates will either have emergency or standard (FAW) first aid module

Will be able to take control of an incident and direct standard First Aiders

Will be able to deal with more complex emergency situations and use advanced methods.

The Qualification

This course provides certification for three years.

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