HSE Emergency First Aid at Work Courses

Welcome to Ashaw Experience First Aid, your trusted source for comprehensive Emergency First Aid at Work training courses. Our one-day course, featuring a minimum of 6 hours of teaching time, is tailored to meet both statutory and workplace needs.

Our Emergency First Aid at Work course is carefully crafted to introduce a systematic approach to first aid, equipping participants with the skills needed to manage casualties effectively. This engaging course strikes a balance between theoretical learning and hands-on practical experience, incorporating realistic real-life scenarios to enhance the learning process.

Course Highlights

The Content

Our first aid training under the REC scheme is not only educational but also enjoyable. The course is designed to be progressive, building on each session and introducing new scenarios to test and reinforce learned techniques.

Upon successful completion, candidates will:

The Qualification

Our Emergency First Aid at Work course aligns with HSE regulations and is valid for three years. It ensures the ability to maintain statutory first aid requirements for a workplace according to HSE ’81 and ’97 regulations.

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